How To Clear Google Play Store & Google Play Services Data

The Google Play store acts as a global database for millions of applications by various developers. A common misconception is that it is only for Android Apps and Games. In addition to the Android apps and games, it also contains music, various movies, TV shows, and books as well. The Android apps include all of Google’s certified and verified applications and games which consist of editor’s choice, tools, utilities, and much more. Lastly, users must select the setting that all related apps must be enabled.

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You can also get to the settings app by opening the cogwheel or gear icon from your app drawer, or by asking Google Assistant “Hey Google, open app settings”. As I said before, clearing one app at a time based on the circumstances is the best path forward. Updating the apps on your android device is highly crucial for their efficient working, and this will not only maximize their full potential but will save them from such glitches. If you haven’t upgraded your play store to the most up-to-date version, update it immediately. The browser can precache pages to make them load instantly before the user visits them or even load offline before a visit.

  • Hence, you can try uninstalling the latest Google Play Store update to fix it.
  • You must follow these steps to add all your Google accounts, and once this is done, return to the Play Store and find out if this has resolved your problem.
  • Or you may need to check “Storage” and then clear cache.

It’s important to keep your Android device updated with the latest system updates to ensure that you have the best possible experience and that your device is as secure as possible. Another thing you can do to fix this issue is to check the Android system updates. Android system updates are updates to the Android operating system. Android system updates are important because they can include security patches that fix vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. Simply press the power button, tap the Restart option, and your device will be restarted.

Poco M3 Miui Software Update: Getting June 2022 Security Patch

And as with most other scanning apps, you can’t export the OCR results as formatted Word or RTF files, either. One workaround is to send a copy of the note, rather than a PDF, though obviously this only works if you want to share with other iPhone users. Like Adobe Scan, Lens is laser-focused on its particular ecosystem, and is thus short on extras.

Anybody who has ever encountered an app or software problem on Android may have been given the advice “clear app cache” or “clear app data”. These two solutions are often thought of as miracle cures for Android, but what is the difference between these seemingly similar operations? Well, that is exactly what we try to explain in this article. Select Clear cache, and then depending on your options, either select OK or press the Enter button.If the issue still occurs, move on to the next step. Free up space by uninstalling unused apps or deleting old photos and videos you have backed up elsewhere.

A quick reboot of your device will help refresh the processes and connection of your Android device. You can wait for a few seconds before turning it back on. Return your playstore to it’s stock version, then update it to the current version.

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